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» Pokemblem Rules, THEY HAVE BEEN CHANGED!
 Posted: Jul 27 2009, 09:55 AM
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By signing up and participating on this forum, you agree to obey the following rules:

1: Swearing, Censor bypassing and "self censoring."
The usage of swear words on this forum is allowed, but you are subject to the censors that are in place. You are not allowed to bypass the censors in any way. Censor-bypassing is typing a word with one or two characters altered so that the forum does not detect the word.

2: Senseless, Pointless, Annoying Messages
2.0: Spamming in the forum
While going off topic is allowed for the sake of conversation, turning a topic into a flame war or debate is not acceptable. Do not post for the sake of raising your post count or money. Too much unrelated discussion in a topic will result in a locked topic or removal of posting rights.

2.1: Spamming in the shoutbox
While the shoutbox is generally free for everyone's use, you are prohibited from the following actions:
    1: Posting insanely huge images in the shoutbox. This stretches the page and becomes a general issue for everyone.
    2: Posting long animations that will not load on computers that have slow connections
    3: Using [size] tags to make the text larger. You may use them to make them smaller, but NOT larger.
    4: Using more than 3 smilies in a single shout. It slows people's internet.
    5: Flaming, insulting or harassing other members.
3: Flaming, Trolling, and General Harassment
First of all, any and all forms of swearing, directed at other members, WILL be considered as harassment. Racism, elitism, sexism, etc. - if it holds the possibility of offending another, please keep your comments to yourself.

Furthermore, keep your bad day to yourself. We are not here for you to take out your frustrations on. You are free to vent your emotions, but if it should come to the point where a staff member deems it to be a threat to the welfare of the community, you will be asked to stop.

Although the U.S. Constitution guarantees that “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech”, Pokemblem isn't Congress. The user agreement and terms of service along with the guidelines and provisions governs the behaviors and activities of the members. If you choose not to follow them as agreed to during registration, the result is a ban or disabling of your account.

4: Posting Guidelines
    =Do not post porn, links to porn or other sexually explicit images or text.
    =Warn about any uncensored swearing in video links or images BEFORE POSTING THE LINK.
    =Do not post links to ROMs, warez, or other illegal programs, files or sites containing illegal content. This breaks the JCink ToS and will be removed immediately if discovered.
    =Do not BUMP topics. (bumping is posting only to bring the topic back up to the top of the forum list) Posting in old topics is allowed only if you have something valid and relevant to add to the discussion.
    =Never triple post. You may double post only if you have something new to show people and nobody has responded. Typically not applicable to personal galleries.
    =When posting about games, books, or other series, try to keep major plot spoilers out of topic titles and subtitles. Post major plot spoilers in spoiler tags.
    =Do not put long animations in your signature or have them as your avatar. The filesize limit is 1 mega byte.
5: Respect the Administrators and Moderators
They're here for the sake of the forum and deserve to be treated respectfully. Harassment of the staff is not tolerated and will result in due punishment. Staff members are not obligated to explain the actions they have taken. Furthermore, if you have found that an incident is in need of attention but has not received such, report it via the Report button, or PM a staff member. Engaging in activity without authority is considered mini-modding. Do not mini-mod. As upholders of the forums, the administrators/moderators have the right to put rules before everything else. No if's, and's, or but's.

6: Alternate Accounts
We've had a lot of issues with this. It's gotten pretty bad, almost to the point that every new member is suspected of being a fake account. A forum always suspicious of new members isn't the most welcoming forum ever, so I'm afraid we're going to have to make this a rule.

The staff holds the right to change the rules and interpret them as we please. If you have specific questions about rules you may post them in the suggestions/feedback section. If you need to contact a staff member about a particular situation, please PM us.

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