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» Harvest Moon Games, Discuss Here
 Posted: Feb 19 2011, 03:11 PM
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First time I've posted a topic so long dead in a while, but don't worry I bring some information to discuss.

Let's start at A Wonderful Life. A Wonderful life was my first gamecube game. To this day it is still my favorite harvest moon despite the fact that they never finished it completely (Look at all the buildings that have no use, the TV shows that are missing text, the unused Grant song, the Harvest Fairy events unended the implied Tim trip and the Samantha/Grant divorce which was eventually added to HMDS). I married Celia.

In HMDS I also married Celia, seeing that is basically the setting of A Wonderful Life.

Mineral Town I married Marry, (And the Library with her)

In the original game (From Wii Virtual Console) I married Marry.

In Magical Melody I married Lyla, (But I almost Married Ellen).

In Sunshine Islands and Islands of Happiness I married Sabrina.

In Animal Parade and Tree of Tranquility I married Renee.

In Grand Bazaar I married Freya.

In Rune Factory 1 I married Felicity.

In Rune Factory Frontier I married Iris Blanche.

In Rune Factory 2 I married Ceci.

Finally, in rune Factory 3 I married Kuruna.
 Posted: Feb 19 2011, 08:06 PM
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I never got any of the Gamecube games, as I only got into the series when I tried out the More Friends of Mineral Town rom.

MFoMT: I married Gray

HMDS: I married Kai, as he was the only semi-attractive guy in there who didn't look ten. >>

Tree of Tranquility: Owen. Luckily my kid ended up being one of the better looking ones.

Animal Parade: Gil.

Though now I'm playing a second file and intend to marry Luke. So far I'm loving his pepsonality. He's certainly far more interesting than Gil was. I was surprised when he asked me out to fish though. I didn't know he was that kind of guy. XD

I laughed as his love letter. It had a senseless Haiku poem in it. XD
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