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» Chapter 2: Fort Victor
 Posted: May 14 2010, 12:29 PM
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Boy, Am I glad to have these back! Aviv thought to himself as he looked at his tomes while leading the group of now armed knights through the corridor to what he hoped would be an exit. As they were about to reach the turn, they heard the sound of a metallic object hitting the fort's floorstones. Aviv signed for the knights to be quiet and ready to their weapons, in case it was a group of Evoidian soldiers.

As they crept silently and neared the corner to the room where the noise had come from, Aviv heard a strange and heavily accented voice of a woman say, "Zis ze Desireé promisez you!" The voice piqued his curiosity, and Aviv, being one who has to know things, bent his head around the corner in order to see how many people were in the room.

Upon his first glance, Aviv noticed a woman with a spear in her left hand, presumably the one who had said the odd sounding saying, another woman who was clad in white armor, a purple-haired man who looked like he was healing her with a staff, a yellow and white haired knight bending over her, and a boy with red hair and... It was then that Aviv recognized the boy as Prince Ryan, heir to the throne of Triannos. Nothing else mattered except that the prince and his entourage were in the fort.

"Prince Ryan!" Aviv said as he quickly entered the room, with all of the soldiers following him. He quickly bowed to the Prince and asked, "My prince, did Triannos recapture the fort?"

[OoC: Sorry for the short post, on a time crunch with school]
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 Posted: May 14 2010, 01:45 PM
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Alirin suddenly stopped in his tracks at the sight of a burst of dark energy coming out of the ground in front of him. The dark energy gathered in the air in front of him and imploded violently.
Woah! If I'd kept running, I would've been done for! He turned around and spotted another of those black-garbed crazies, a shaman this time, behind him.
"Ambushing me again? Come on, get some backbone you worm!" shouted Alirin. The enemy shaman cast Flux again. Alirin neatly sidestepped and taunted his attacker. "Your magic is so slow a turtle could dodge it!"

This sent the attacker into a great rage. He started speed-casting Flux as fast as he could, the dark energy blasts erupted all around. One of them flew so far out that it hit another of his own men in the battle behind Alirin. The knight the Flux hit died instantly. None of them even came CLOSE to Alirin.
During all this, Alirin was puzzling out how to defeat his opponent. I don't imagine he'd even notice if I blasted him with Cool. He certainly wouldn't feel it if I cast Fire on him. I'll have to go close-combat, but I've got no weapons.

Alirin dashed forwards right through a Flux spell, just barely not getting hit when it imploded, and kicked his opponent in the stomach. Fortunately for Alirin, the enemy shaman's heavy robes made it nearly impossible for him to fight back. Unfortunately, however, they nullified the impact from Alirin's kick. The enemy shaman started casting Flux again, but Alirin clocked him in the jaw with a neat uppercut, breaking his concentration. The spell misfired and imploded in its caster's hands. The shaman was pulled forwards by the implosion, right into a punch to the head from Alirin. The enemy Shaman was out cold.
"Let nature's freezing fury erase you from this earth... Cool!" shouted Alirin, as he pinned the shaman to the ground with the spell's frozen stalagmites.

He then continued to run towards the combat behind him, and stopped in front of the Triannion General. [[That's General Fremont, by the way.]]
"Why hello there... Sir! What exactly is going on here? I keep getting attacked by those black-armoured crazies. Who are they?"

[[Feel free to have General Fremont treat this guy like an idiot foreigner for not knowing about the conflict. He actually DOES know about it, but he's unaware of the uniform colour of the Evoidians.]]
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 Posted: May 18 2010, 11:28 AM
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They ran together through the corridors of the fort. Yasmine couldn't go too fast or else the beat mage would fall to far behind. If she failed in this mini rescue, it would turn into a lose-lose situation; the girl could be killed, and Yasmine would not have gotten any spoils of war from this fort. She wanted to at least have accomplished something during this skirmish. Besides, the pink-haired girl reminded her of her younger sister, Dulcea. Leah looked about the same age, and Dulcea was a mage as well. But that was besides the point. The main thought was to get out of there and take her back to camp.

They got to a dead-end and there was the clanking of armor rushing from behind them. "We must have been noticed. Damn," said Yasmine. Leah replied, "We can take them." "You stay back, Leah," Yasmine remarked, "Don't want your pretty little head lopped off in your weakened state."

A few guards in midnight armor showed up. One was heavily armored and wielding an axe, and the other two were common soldiers with lances. One soldier lunged at Yasmine, spearhead first, hoping to drill it into her shoulder. She cartwheeled out of the way as Leah dropped to the floor. Yasmine grabbed her dagger and dug it into the soldier's side. He dropped. The other went in and tried his luck. She pulled out her short sword and defended herself from the lance attacks.

Leah got up as the burly knight was making his way over to her slowly. She pointed her palm at the soldier Yasmine was having trouble with and shot a weak blast of fire, throwing him off balance enough for her to stick him with the short sword. He fell. The knight had made his way over to Leah, raised his axe, and brought it down heavily. Leah sidestepped it easily, because he was slow, but a sharp pain shot in her side. She uttered a noise and dropped in mid-sidestep. Yasmine retrieved her dagger from the other felled soldier and ran to the knight to attack. She couldn't find any openings though. "What the...?" she thought, "How the hell does he breath in there? There are no soft spot anywhere!" He swung his axe horizontally at the rogue, but missed. Leah got back up slowly, despite the pain. Yasmine looked over at her. "What are you doing, kid? Keep runni--" The knight slapped her with the side of his axe into the wall. She hit the ground. Leah, one hand on her side and the other in the air, chanted. Temoris lux nieta!" Leah closed her eyes. A blinding light shot out of her hands in a spinning, galaxy like motion. She then swept her hand towards the knight, throwing the rotating disc of light at the knight. It shot right through him, probably ripping at his insides. He dropped his weapon and fell.

Yasmine got up. "Wow, kid...you got...some moves...but we gotta keep moving. No time for talking. Let's...go."
 Posted: May 18 2010, 12:48 PM
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This battle had been fierce, but at long last the table was leaning towards Triannos' side. The amount of attacking Evoidians were slowly decreasing, Reinforcements had stopped coming from within the fort...

Swinging around, he stabbed an enemy soldier unexpectedly, but even as he had done so, his mind was preoccupied with something else. Or rather, someone else. 'Millicent must have been pretty badly injured if these louts had captured her...is she even still alive? What will I do if she's-' Then a voice broke his thoughts.

"Why hello there... Sir! What exactly is going on here? I keep getting attacked by those black-armoured crazies. Who are they?"

Fremont stared at the young mage skeptically a moment. 'What kind of person is this to not know what's going on? Everyone knows Evoidians dress in dark clothing and black armor! He must either be an idiot or a spy trying to get information!'

"Who are you and where are you from?!" he snapped, but when the young mage had hesitated to answer, he added "You must be a spy from some other nation! You three!" He beckoned three Triannion knights to him. "Take this boy to camp and tie him up! We'll interrogate him later!"

[[ You asked for it Jamie XD Also, this post backs up time a little]]
    ...Third General...
"Ze Desireé weel do bettre zan zat! Zis ze Desireé promisez you!"

Millicent wasn't quite sure she trusted any Evoidian after the cruel treatment she and her dying men had received during their imprisonment, and this Evoidian had been locked up by her own men! But even as a general she had no control over the prince's decisions, and he had seemed to accept her offer of help. That, and the brown-haired general was barely conscious. She had risen to her feet but she still felt as if she could slip back into the dark void that she had almost been lost to forever.

"Keep your eye on her." Millicent whispered to the knight beside her. Chase nodded once in agreement.

"Prince Ryan! ...My prince, did Triannos recapture the fort?" A Triannion mage had dashed into the room and knelt before the prince.
"Not yet." the boy replied. "But that's our mission now. General Millicent?"

"Yes, Your Majesty?" Millicent replied, straightening her stance in attempt to hide her weakness.
"Are you all right?"
As an army leader, her first response was to lie about her condition. "Yes, I-" Then she realized who she was talking to. She couldn't lie to the prince! Not when he was gazing up at her with a partially tilted head and a worried look on his face. "I'll be fine, Your Majesty. You should worry about yourself, not us."

Prince Ryan eyed her a moment, as if he could see through her lie. That figured: King Eric could do the same. But the boy merely turned to the mage. "Where did you find your weapons? Everyone needs to be armed if we're going to take this fort down."

"This way!" Aviv said, before leading them down the hall.

[[next post will timeskip to everyone making their way outside, unless anybody has any better ideas.]]
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